TEDxThapaeGate is now TEDxChiangMai


Why TEDxThapaeGate? This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED. There are rules on the use of names for TEDx events. Perhaps in the future we can hold a TEDxChiangMai event, for now we have to use the name of a location or neighborhood. We choose TEDxThapaeGate because the Thapae Gate symbolizes the concept of sharing ideas - it is Chiang Mai’s most important gate for trade, commerce, tourism, events, and new ideas. UPDATE: in April 2013, we received the license to hold our events as TEDxChiangMai. Future events will now be held in that name and new website is www.tedxchiangmai.com

TEDxThapageGate is being organised by a team of volunteers. Want to be involved?
See Our Team.

At the TEDxThapaeGate 2012 we had an exciting line-up of speakers from Chiang Mai and beyond. Click here to see the speaker line-up.

Our partners provided the generous support of financial and in-kind sponsorship. Click here to see the sponsors line-up.

The videos of the TEDxThapeGate 2012 speakers are now viewable via our YouTube playlist.