Why TEDxThapaeGate? This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED. There are rules on the use of names for TEDx events. Perhaps in the future we can hold a TEDxChiangMai event, for now we have to use the name of a location or neighbourhood. We choose TEDxThapaeGate because the Thapae Gate symbolises the concept of sharing ideas - it is Chiang Mai’s most important gate for trade, commerce, tourism, events, and new ideas.
TEDxThapageGate is being organised by a team of volunteers. Want to be involved?
See Our Team.

At the TEDxThapaeGate 2012 we had an exciting line-up of speakers from Chiang Mai and beyond. Click here to see the speaker line-up.

Our partners provided the generous support of financial and in-kind sponsorship. Click here to see the sponsors line-up.

The videos of the TEDxThapeGate 2012 speakers are now viewable via our YouTube playlist.